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How to start your day with a positive mindset? You might have noticed I took a little break with creating content. I usually take a break for about two weeks to be able to wind down and spend time with friends and family. This year however I found it quite hard to come back to blogging and creating content. For a while, I didn’t know why, but I finally found the answer to why I found it hard to come back this time. I feel like I’ve evolved as a person and my blog didn’t ‘grow up’ with me. So I’ve been thinking a lot and decided that I want to rebrand my blog. My blog, youtube channel, podcast – yes, I also have a podcast – and social media channels aren’t part of a coherent brand like Actually Anna was meant to be.

They all represent different pieces of my life and different parts of who I am, so it is about time I rebrand Actually Anna into a coherent brand. I’d also like to include you – my readers, followers – in the process because the community we created over the last couple of years is amazing! I also want to share more personal things and show my silly side a bit more on my platform. It’s something I struggle with – in my opinion – and I also like you to see that side of me. I think the summary here is I want Actually Anna to be coherent and more personal – more me. Are you in?

What kind of content would you like to see on my channels?

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You might be taken aback by this news, but if you’ve been following me on my Instagram you might have seen some things popping up on my stories. As a person, you develop over time, and ever since this worldwide pandemic started I found myself reinventing myself. The last couple of months were no exception besides the fact that the process fast-tracked itself. I spoke on my blog before about mindfulness and 8 activities to make yourself unuseful. I’d like to share some things that I have done and changed over the past couple of months to help me reinvent myself.

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My positive mindset tips


Journalling is something that isn’t completely unfamiliar to me. I’ve known for a long time that journaling can really help clear your mind, but for some reason, I never really implemented it in my routine. What I’ve learned and noticed is that journaling really helps to clear my mind and helps me to keep a positive mindset to things I find stressful. I also saw that writing my goals on paper helps me to visualize them better.

This is actually a very common technique to close your eyes and visualize yourself accomplishing the goals you have in mind. Sometimes I use a guided meditation, I write about it in my journal or just close my eyes and visualize them. This reminded me about the times I used to do elite gymnastics. We were taught this technique to practice our routines in our heads before a competition. It’s something a lot of athletes use for both mindset and goal setting reasons.


Every morning when I wake up I listen to a 10-15 minute guided meditation while still laying in bed. I find this the best way to wake up my mind and set my intentions for the day. It’s also something I can do while still laying in bed. Getting out of bed in the morning is something I really struggle with. I find that listening to a guided meditation – like the one from Life by Lucie – really helps to get me started for the day. This meditation specifically is more of a 3 in 1, while you meditate you practice gratitude and also get yourself in a positive mindset. I have a couple of other guided meditations I really like. A little hack: I usually do is save them in a private playlist on Youtube. This way I can pick the one I like best every morning.


I always thought yoga – and also meditation – wasn’t something for me. But as I mentioned I’ve reinvented myself and apparently I discovered that it is something I really enjoy doing. So when I manage to get out of bed after my meditation, I get my yoga mat out and do a 10-minute yoga session. Just like the meditation playlist I also have a yoga playlist on my youtube account. I save all the 10-minute morning yoga videos I like and pick one that speaks most to me. I really like the morning yoga videos from Yoga by Bird, so her videos take up most of my list. Doing yoga gets my blood flowing in the morning, it gives me energy and sets me up for a good day.

These three things really help me to set me up for the day and get me into a positive mindset. It also really helps that I feel like I wake up for myself rather than just for the sole purpose of going to work. Do you have things you do to set you up for the day? Let’s share them in the comments below!

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    January 27, 2022 / 7:21 pm

    Heel eerlijk geschreven, 🙂 xxx

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