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& other stories nail polish - actually anna

An & Other stories nail polish that goes with your outfit. How cool would that be? As you might know & other stories beauty is rapidly expanding their collection. Last year I wrote about a very interesting data-driven clothing collection by Giorgia Lupi. This post is going to be about their two newest additions to their and other stories makeup line. Their new and other stories nail polish and the new and other stories blush, cream blushes to be exact. If you’re on the hunt for new nail polishes or cream blush don’t look any further!

& Other stories – About us

The brand was found in 2010 by a group of ambitious women that wanted to provide freedom of expression by other women through one brand. They design their clothes in three different ateliers over the world: Stockholm, Paris, and Los Angeles. This way they want to incorporate all kinds of different styles in one brand. For example, the Stockholm collection is created from the idea of minimalism. The Paris collections are inspired by romance, effortless and chic clothing style. And the Los Angeles collections are based on the luxurious and laid-back lifestyle of this American city. Besides beauty and fashion, they also stock home products, for example, the & other stories candles. They also have their own & other stories perfume plus an and other stories body lotion line.

Combine Fashion, Accessories and Beauty

The unique part of & other stories is the fact that they try to combine a look not only with fashion pieces, but also incorporate beauty products in them. So with a specific look, they don’t only add fashion accessories like jewelry, & other stories headbands, and bags, but also specific color nail polish or skincare products. I think this is a very unique aspect that sets & other stories apart from other stores.

& other stories nail polish close up - actually anna

& Other Stories nail polish

First up is a new color from the Stockholm atelier, called Aegan Tide Nail Polish*. It’s a beautiful light blue color with a hint of green. This is a new color from their Polish Stockholm collection. They have nail glosses, which have the same packaging as this one. Although this really is nail polish, with two coats you get a beautiful opaque finish.

Another new color they have is from the Paris atelier. I really like that they adjust the packaging to the different ateliers they have. Each atelier has a very unique packaging, where I find the Parisian nail polish packaging is very chic and elegant. The new color I have from this collection is called Note Goyave* and is a beautiful reddish-pink kind of color. This nail polish is also long-lasting and opaque with two coats. The unique aspect of this polish is the fact that it’s highly pigmented and the formula contains some natural ingredients. For example lithothamnion calcareum, which is a red marine alga. This alga is rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

& Other Stories blush

New in this collection is also the cream blushes*, which come in three beautiful shades. The formula is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. No seriously, the swatches on my hand in the picture above were done with a size similar to a grain of rice. So I’d suggest using a tiny amount first and build from there because removing cream blush is not very easy. If you want to learn more about cream blushes and why to choose a cream blush over a normal powder blush, check out my blog post about the Best Pixi Products: 3 NEW On The Glow Sticks. The formula of the new & other stories blush is very moisturizing due to the hyaluronic acid, squalane, and oat oil added to the formula.

How to use cream blush?

I would suggest using your fingers when applying this cream blush. Add a tiny amount to the tips of your fingers and use a tapping motion to spread the product on the apples of your cheeks towards your temples. You can add more product each time to make the blush more opaque. Or you can choose to just leave it like this as a wash of color on the cheeks.

Where can I purchase these new products?

You can purchase the & other stories nail polish and & other stories blush of course at the & other stories shop or in their online webshop. The Stockholm nail polishes are 7 euros/7 dollar/6 pounds, and the Paris nail polishes are 9 euros/9 dollars/8 pounds. The new cream blushes are only available in the Netherlands so far and are 17 euros each.

I hope you loved reading about these new & other stories nail polish colors and & other stories blush products. Let me know if you’ve tried any of the & other stories makeup before in the comments below! I did an eye tutorial with one of the eye palettes a long time ago on my Instagram. I’ll link that one for you below so you can watch it!

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