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Me & Matts Vegan gifts: handsoap, scented candle and matches

So a couple of weeks I was asked if I was interested in reviewing products from the brand Me & Matts. I hadn’t heard of the brand before, so what’s the first thing that you do when you don’t know a brand… yes, google it. So I did and landed on their website and saw the cutest gifts ever. You might think I’m exaggerating, but see for yourself! They have products range from candles and matches to soap, chocolate and stationary. Down below are some of the things I tried and I would definitely purchase as a gift!

Me & Matts – The company

Before I’m going to start talking about these wonderful gifts I wanted to tell you a little bit more about the brand Me & Matts. As I already mentioned they have the cutest gifts for every occasion at an affordable price point. Especially if I tell you that almost all their gifts are vegan! Me & Matts tries to create lovely gifts that help the environment in a positive way. Their slogan: “The Feelgood Collective!”.

Me & Matts vegan gifts: handsoap, scented candle and matches


I think most of their products are in their signature fragrance, which is pamplemousse, pachouli, watermelon. The packaging of the products varies depending on the occasion of the gift. They also have ‘neutral’ packaging for a ‘just because gift’ like the one on the picture below.
The handsoap* in my opinion next to shower gel an amazing gift for every occasion. In my opinion you can give this as a ‘just because’ gift or as a birthday present. The handsoap is quite a large jar (500ml) and retails for 11,95 euro. As I already mentioned I think this makes a perfect gift for every occasion!

Scented Candle

Another thing that love to buy for people as a present are scented candles. I think they make the most perfect gift and I really love getting them as a present too! I was so happy to see that Me & Matts also stocks scented candles. The scented candle* I tried is in their signature scent and will burn for about 45 hours. The scent is really nice and not too overpowering. They have three types of candles: small scented candles in a tin (10 euro), normal size scented candles (see the picture, 19,95 euro) and luxurious scented candles with a little box of matches (23,95 euro). I think these little things are so thoughtful! With the upcoming Autumn weather I love to light this candle!


Talking about matches… this brings me to my next and final gift idea! Besides the cute little box of matches that is included in the luxurious candle they also sell a big box of matches. I love the fact that they sell the long matches individually, because they are perfect to light your candle when it’s already a bit burned down. I always burn my fingers when trying to light these with normal matches. But let’s talk about the packaging first… how cute it the packaging?! I really think that they did an awesome job thinking about every little detail around gifting. A box of matches* is 6,95 euro and holds 45 matches. Perfect if you lights lots of candles during the colder months like I do!

I really hope that you’re as enthusiastic as I am about Me & Matts after reading this blogpost! I’m so happy I discovered this webshop and I’ll definitely order some of their products for future gifts.

What do you think about the gifts? Let me know your favourite gift ideas in the comments below!

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      🙂 dankjewel!!

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