Creating my perfect base with Emani Cosmetics + Giveaway

Emani Cosmetics, Perfect10 Primer Serum, HydraWear 12 hr Foundation, concealer, mosaic blush

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A flawless base is in my opinion the most important part of a whole makeup look. When I create my perfect base I want it to last all day, hydrate my skin and don’t cling to dry patches. My perfect base doesn’t have to be full coverage, because I like a natural looking skin. In my opinion makeup needs to enhance not completely cover. If I have any spots, redness or dark circles under my eyes I rather use a high coverage concealer only on the places my skin needs it. Today I teamed up with Emani Makeup to show you the Emani products I use to create a perfect base. Stay tuned until the end, because I have some exiting announcements including a giveaway!


Perfect10 Primer Serum

This Perfect10 Primer Serum is an amazing primer and from the moment I first tried it I completely fell in love! This is the first really hydrating primer I’ve used. With my dry skin, especially during the colder months, I need a primer that hydrates my skin. Otherwise my makeup will look caky after a couple of hours. This primer hydrates my skin during the day and helps to keep my makeup last all day long. Besides the hydration aspect of this primer the texture is really great too. It’s a light serum like texture, hence the name, and it leaves the skin feeling a little sticky at first. After it sinks into the skin completely you can still feel the product working, it doesn’t disappear into your skin. Which I really love!


HydraWear 12 hr Foundation

My favourite foundation to create a flawless and natural base is the HydraWear 12 hr Foundation. This foundation like the name suggests hydrates the skin all day. I like to apply it with a buffer brush for a slightly heavier coverage, but you could also apply it with a damp beauty sponge for a more sheer coverage. This foundation is so easy to blend and create a nice and even base for the rest of your makeup. The texture is like a normal foundation, not runny and not thick at all. This foundation also last all day long. I don’t know if it’s because of the primer underneath this foundation. What I do know is that this combination of the perfect10 primer serum and the HydraWear 12 hr foundation is amazing!

Emani cosmetics, blush, concealer

HD high coverage concealer + 2% vitamine C

The HD high coverage concealer + 2% vitamine C is such an amazing product, which I love to apply with a clean and damp beauty sponge. A little goes a long way with this product, because it really is high coverage. The texture is very creamy and moves along with the movements of your skin. I love to apply this underneath my eyes to cover any dark circles and on top of blemishes. I also like to apply it on my chin, forehead and the bridge of my nose to highlight my face. This really is a versatile product! And now you and your friend have a chance to win this amazing concealer. At the end of this post you’ll find more information on how you can enter the giveaway!


Mosaic Pressed Blush – Key West

This Mosaic Pressed Blush in Key West was one of the first products I ever tried from Emani Cosmetics. After using it for the first time I knew this would go on my best blushes ever list. The pigmentation of this product is amazing, so a little goes a long way with this product as well! The pink shade gives you a really nice and healthy color on your face. This product is not mat, but has a really beautiful golden sheen in it. You could actually use this as a highlighter too if you’d like, but the blush itself gives you a really healthy glow already.


Now I have some really exiting news to share with you! Like I already said in the post above you and your friend can win the HD high coverage concealer + 2% vitamine C! All you need to do is:

  • Follow the Facebook page of Emani
  • Follow the Facebook page of Actually Anna
  • Tag a friend that you want to win this price with in THIS Facebook post.

This giveaway is BENELUX only and ends the 25th of October 2017 at midnight (Amsterdam GMT). The winner will be contacted directly by us!

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t win the giveaway, because you can also use ACTUALLY10 at the Emani Makeup site to get 10% off your order*. The 10% discount code ends on the 30th of November 2017.

And this isn’t the end of the exiting news! My blog celebrates its 1 year anniversary next month and to start celebrate this already I’ve made a video, where you can see all the products from this post (and more!) in action. Just head over to my facebook page and watch the video! And of course let me know what you think!

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  1. Never heard of this brand before, but I’m now super curious! I have dry skin so I’m really keen on trying the primer and the foundation!

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