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A new best Pixi products blog post is coming your way! If you’ve been following me for a while it’s no surprise to you that I absolutely love Pixi beauty. I’ve tried many skincare and makeup products over the years. From the Pixi glow tonic and Pixi rose range, to the glow mud and the glow peel. Today I want to take you along another Pixi beauty reviews post, featuring the new 3 On The Glow cream blush sticks.

A little bit about Pixi Beauty

If you’ve never heard about the brand I can imagine you might think: What is Pixi Beauty? Or is Pixi beauty a good brand? Well, Petra founded Pixi Beauty over 20 years ago by Petra, hence the full name Pixi Beauty by Petra. Their mission is to bring out the natural beauty in everyone. They have a couple of stores in London, which is the place where the brand was found. I’ve visited the store in Carnaby London, which was an amazing experience. To answer the question: if Pixi is a good brand, I’d definitely say “yes”! I’ve used some of their staple products, like the Pixi glow tonic, hydrating milky range, rose skincare products as I mentioned in my Christmas Gift Guide, and many of their makeup products. But it depends I think whom you ask, what their complexion is like, and their experience with the Pixi products.

Does Pixi beauty test on animals and is Pixi beauty vegan?

On their website, Pixi states very clearly that they don’t test any of their products on animals, nor do any other parties or suppliers. This means that Pixi beauty is not available in China, since the government states that all beauty products have to be tested on animals in order to be sold in China. Although there are some Pixi Beauty products that are vegan, like a lot of their makeup products, not all products that Pixi produces are vegan. You can find lists online with the Pixi beauty products that are vegan.

Cream blush vs. Powder blush

I know there are a lot of different blush products on the market, which you can basically divide into two different groups. Cream blushes and Powder Blushes. They can be used for different purposes and both have their pros and cons. But I can also imagine that you’ve never used a blush you might ask yourself: Why blush is used in makeup? So here’s a bit of blush 101. You apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, to give you a bit of color on your face. Especially if you have foundation on it might take away the natural color of your skin. Therefore you can look a bit pale, which is why you would apply a bit of blush. It’s also very useful if you are wearing a bright lip color. When you apply blush, you look less pale.

Which blush is the best for me?

I already mentioned there are differences between cream blush and powder blush. Like the name suggests powder blushes consist of powder and cream blush is a blush made of a cream product. Although there are many different blushes also liquid blushes. For example, the Benefit Benetint back in the days, or pencil blushes like the Nudestix blush pencils. And to make it even more complicated there are also products you can use on both your lips and cheeks. Like Nars the Multiples, Charlotte Tilbury Lip and Cheek, and the Milk Makeup lip and Cheek sticks. I would consider all the latter in the cream blush category. Just to make it a bit easier to understand. But what are the differences between them:

Powder blushes:

  • It’s a very versatile product
  • Absorbs oil, so perfect for oily skin
  • It might look a bit matte, due to the powder
  • Stays put during the day
  • It could look a bit cakey if you have dry skin

Cream blushes:

  • It gives a more youthful look, so perfect for mature skin
  • Adds to the glowy, natural makeup look
  • Needs to be set with powder, to prevent sliding around your skin
  • It can’t be used over powder, because it won’t blend that easily
  • It hydrates your skin, so perfect for dry skin

Which blush color is right for me?

There are many different blush colors and I can imagine that it’s hard to choose which blush color is right for your skin. Don’t worry there are a few guidelines or rules of thumb you can keep in mind while choosing your blush color. I’m going to divide the skin tones into three different groups: fair, medium, and dark skin tones.

For fair skin tones, blushes with light colors work best. I’d recommend example light pink tones, like the Pixi On The Glow Fleur, peachy colors, like Milani Luminoso, or light coral blushes, like MAC glow play so natural blush.

For medium skin tones, bushes with warm or deep undertones work best. You could think about, deep pink tones, like the Charlotte Tilbury love glow blush, warm purple colors, like the NYX sweet cheeks bang bang blush, and deep peachy colors, like the Pixi On The Glow Juicy.

For dark skin tones, blushes with bright and berry colors work best. For example, a bright orange blush, like MAC bright response, or a beautiful berry colored blush, like Pixi On The Glow Ruby, or a purple blush, like Lord & Berry Orchid blush.

It is a bit of a trial and error process to discover which blushes you like best and it might change from time to time. And it also might change with the seasons, but maybe try out a few colors in-store and see what you prefer!

pixi on the glow blush swatches - actually anna
From left to right: Pixi On The Glow in Ruby, Pixi On The Glow in Juice, Pixi On The Glow in Fleur

Pixi On The Glow Stick and Best Pixi products

Apart from the Pixi skincare products, they also have a whole lot of makeup products. You’ve probably seen them a lot on my Youtube Channel and Instagram. They already had a glow-stick kind of product amongst their makeup products, but that one was more marketed towards hydration and glow. To me, it almost looked like a cream highlighter. These three blushes, however, are also in the same moisturizing stick consistency. They come in three beautiful shades!

The glow sticks have some amazing ingredients to moisturize your skin during the day. Ginseng to revitalize and balance the skin, aloe vera to smoothen and calm the skin down, and fruit extracts to nourish and renew the skin. And now on to the Pixi Beauty Reviews part: I find that these blushes are absolutely beautiful and give a very nice lit from within kind of look. I love the natural makeup look, which these blushes definitely are!

How to use Pixi On The Glow stick?

Last but not least I want to explain to you how to use the Pixi On The Glow blush stick. The use of powder blush is very straightforward, since you almost always use a brush to apply it. Applying cream blushes is a little bit more tricky so to say. What I like to do is apply cream blushes with my fingers and use tapping motions to blend the product on my skin. But I’ve also seen other people use a buffing brush or beauty blender to blend cream blushes. Just another trial and error process to see which application method you prefer.

I hope you loved reading about the new Pixi On The Glow Blush sticks and my Pixi Beauty Reviews. And also a little blush 101 to explain the different ways of application as well as the different types of blushes. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite blush is!

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  1. May 19, 2021 / 8:55 pm

    I loved reading this! I never tried anything from Pixi Beauty but it’s up on my list. I love this review and will have to check out the blush for sure! I am not the best at makeup but this sounds like a great add on, thank you for sharing x

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