The power of matcha latte

The hype around matcha powder is still continuing and I got caught up into it too. I’ve heard Niomi Smart talking about it on here channel. Since I’m lactose intolerant and allergic to tree nuts, I thought why not give it a go. At first I had to get used to the taste, but when you get used to it its nice! You can use different kind of plant-based milk to make a matcha latte. My personal preference is making a matcha latte with soymilk, instead of lactose free milk or rice milk. The soymilk is a little bit sweet from it self and makes the matcha taste less bitter. You can also add cinnamon, honey or vanilla powder to you latte.

Matcha powder originally comes from Japan where it was used during tea ceremonies.  The Japanese Buddhist monks also used to drink this to keep them energized and focused during the day. The powder is made from whole ground tea leafs. This is why the ingredients are highly concentrated, about tree times more than one cup of normally brewed green tea. Matcha powder contains a healthy source of caffeine, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. All these beautiful ingredients have a lot of health benefits. So I did some research online and this is what I found:

– The caffeine helps you focus and is a natural source of energy
– It boost your immune system
– Matcha powder detoxifies the body
– It helps with the metabolism
– It lowers cholesterol

Those are some of the health benefits of matcha powder. I think that’s quite amazing. Let me know if you tried it! What  are your favorite ways of preparing it?

xoxo Annaleid

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  1. Great post! It’s incredible how a powder can be so beneficial to our minds and bodies. Thanks for explaining this to me xx

    1. Yes I know! I found out about Matcha powder through Niomi Smart talking about it on her Youtube channel. I think you definitely need to get used to the tast, but ordering it sometime instead of a coffee is a good place to start! That’s how I found out I liked it 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

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