Would I repurchase skincare products I finished?

Would I repurchase skincare products I finished? - actually anna

I’ve collected a few empties over time, so I thought it’s time to discuss my thoughts about the products. Some of them I really liked and I would repurchase skincare products I finished. Some of them I’ll definitely repurchase and some of them maybe not. So would I repurchase skincare products I finished? Read the post to find out!

Would I repurchase skincare products I finished?

The body shop cleansing cream

The body shop cleansing cream, is a very nice cleansing cream, which is very hydrating and doesn’t strip down your face. It leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized, while it still gently cleans the skin. I’m not sure if it cleanses the skin completely, because it is a very gentle cleanser. I very much enjoyed using this, so I would definitely repurchase the body shop cleansing cream again.

Foreo day cleanser

The Foreo day cleanser is a nice cleanser, but I don’t think it does anything special for my skin. Honestly, I think there are better cleansers out there that are much cheaper. I don’t think I’ll repurchase the Foreo day cleanser again. Although I don’t like this cleanser, I do recommend checking out the Foreo Luna cleansing device. This is an amazing device to cleanse your face!

Diadermine day cream

The Diadermine day cream is a nice and light daydream with SPF 15. I think this is a nice cream for during the summer, but in the winter it is not moisturizing enough for me. During the winter my skin needs a cream that ‘protects’ it from the cold. I would buy the Diadermine Day Cream again when the summer arrives.

Clarins under eye serum

The Clarins under eye serum was quite an expensive eye cream, which was again very nice during the summer. When you apply this to your skin, it feels very cooling. In the wintertime, I need something more moisturizing for my under eye area. In the summertime, I might purchase the Clarins under eye serum again, all though I will try to find a cheaper dupe.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel

This is the only ‘empty’ that isn’t actually empty. In my first post about my morning routine I talked about this cleanser, but it when the temperature dropped it started to dry out my skin. I think my skin also changed in the last couple of months. The face oil I started using made my skin more balanced. Which is why I think I started noticing that this cleanser was drying out my skin. Unfortunately I will not repurchase this cleanser again.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner is a very nice toner, because it tones the skin without stripping it down. I would definitely buy this toner again in the full-size version. I bought the travel size to test it and see if my skin reacted well to the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner. This is definitely the case! I like all the Kiehls products I’ve tried so far. Which is not very common for a skincare brand.

The Body Shop vitamin E face mist

The Body Shop vitamin E face mist (link is of a similar product) is hydrating and has multi-purposes for me. It blends my makeup if it looks too powdery and during the day The Body Shop vitamin E face mist will help my makeup looking fresh again. I’m not actually sure if it helps prolong wear my makeup, but even if it doesn’t I would definitely repurchase this again.

Let me know what products you would repurchase skincare again! What are your favorite skincare products you’ve completely used over time!

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