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This is actually the very first time I’ve ever tried a skincare product from a luxurious brand, so when I got in touch with Siska Gartika I was very excited to try their Perfect Complexion Creme. Siska Gartika is an upcoming skincare brand in Europe, but they are already quite famous in Asia. They put a lot of science into their products, which makes them very luxurious. For example they’ve put 15 years of scientific research into their Perfect Complexion Creme. In this post I’ll review this product and don’t forget to read until the end, because I’ve something exciting to share with you!


The brand

First I’d like to talk a little bit about the brand. The Perfect Complexion Creme was actually discovered by accident, when scientists tested a formula for a natural health supplement on their skin. They saw their skin changing almost right away and started using that scientific knowledge in skincare products.


The product

This specific cream is made from five different plant cells, which is unique in the skincare business. It’s a moisturiser and serum in one, which you can use both in the morning and evening. These plant cells stimulate the production of new collagen in the skin. Therefore, this cream works as an anti-aging product and moisturises the skin from within. So you could also use it on scars or stretch marks to make them less visible. This creme also reduced te texture on your skin, when you use it for a longer period of time. And all ingredients in this creme are completely natural with no artificial chemicals. To make sure that the cells in the creme stay active inside the jar, the jar itself has a thin layer of plated gold inside it.


My experience

I tested this product for 7 days before writing this blogpost, which might seem fairly short to test out a skincare product. And yes.. it is fairly short, but the scientific formula in this product makes sure that there almost immediate result. Just a short note before I’ll tell you my experience: my skin was quite bad when I started testing out this creme and I was doing a detox program during these 7 days. This could influence the results you seen on my face.

Initial thoughts/first experience







Before I started using the creme my skin looked like this. I mainly had breakouts around my jawline and on my cheeks. First of all the packaging of the creme was beautiful. Although I had a sample size of the product even the packaging of that size was stunning! The packaging alone already gives you a luxurious feeling. The texture of the creme is quite sticky, but very light and gel like when you apply it to your face. It doesn’t sink into your skin immediately, but it also doesn’t feel like you have anything on your skin at all. And the scent of this product is really nice: It’s a nice subtile fresh scent, which immediately gives you a luxurious feeling.

Day 1 – 3





During the first couple of days after using this cream day and night my skin flared up. This was expected, due to this cream working from the inside out. It pushes all the congestion and dirt out of your skin, which in my case results in more breakouts. Though I already noticed that the breakouts I had healed quicker than normal. Also the scars that I had from previous breakouts faded quicker too.

Day 4 – 7










So this is my skin after 7 days of using the Perfect Complexion Creme during day and night. The right side of my face was a little worse compared to my left side even before testing this creme, but you can already see my acne fading on the left side of my face (right picture). I could also see that the texture on my skin was fading and my acne scars were healing a lot quicker than normal.



I think that this is a really nice cream and it really helps with healing scars on your skin. And it also helps with evening out the skin and moisturise it. The texture, scent and packaging make it feel really luxurious both on your bathroom shelf and on your skin. I can’t really say anything yet about the long term benefits, because I’ve only used it for 7 days. What I can say after 7 days is that I really like the cream! Though, this is an expensive cream because of the five plant cells it contains; this makes it a very expensive to produce. Nevertheless, they are currently thinking about producing a skincare line with just two plant cells. Also very exciting: the Perfect Complexion Cream isn’t the only product within this line. Keep an eye out on their website, because there are more products coming!


I hope you liked reading about my experience with the Siska Gartika Perfect Complexion creme. Did you already try this creme? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I LOVED the samples that I won in the giveaway. My skin felt soft, not sticky and I have noticed much less redness. This cream is way out of my current price range unfortunately.

    1. Good to hear that you received the package! I also think that the price of the cream is a disadvantage.
      xoxo Annaleid

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