Back to school hacks and essentials

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The summer holidays are almost over, which means it’s time to go back to school or university (or college if you live in the US). I’m going into my last year of my master degree, so I thought why not share some tips, hacks and essentials that I’ve learned along the way.


Back to school essentials

In my bag to university I always carry around some essentials, because you never know what happens. One of the most useful one is a travel pack of wipes, which you can use for almost everything. Other hygiene essentials that I carry around are hand sanitizer, hand cream, a travel size pack of tissues and a mini hairbrush.


Organisational bits and bobs

At the beginning of a new uni year the shops are overflowing with notebooks, pens, binders you name it. What do you really need to start your year organized? Some sort of diary is my most essential piece to stay organized during the year. This year I made the decision to start a bullet journal. I bought a simple black soft cover notebook (lined) to see if I like the system. If I end up liking it I can always purchase the ‘official’ dotted Leuchttrum 1917 journal. My other essentials are some A4 exercise books, some pens (because I always manage to loose them), pencil case, some bulldog clips (to not lose papers I get during lectures) and definitely my laptop. If you are still in secondary school I would suggest you also purchase both lined and squared exercise books and stationary bits that you school requires you to buy like a ruler, calculator, protractor etc.


Now the hacks that help me save time in the morning, so I can sleep a little longer. When I was in secondary school I definitely did everything to sleep a little longer. So here are some tips that will help you to stay in bed a little longer.

#1 Pack your back the night before

#2 Lay out the clothes that you are going to wear the night before

#3 If possible prepare your lunch the night before and store it in the fridge


I hope you loved reading this back to school hacks and essentials post. Let me know your favourite back to school hacks or essentials in the comments below!

xoxo Annaleid

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  1. I’ve just finished my second year of uni, food prep is so useful! Since you can end up with three hour breaks between lectures or just one hour, it’s handy to have food ready to go! Great post x

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