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Creating a specific skin care routine for winter is super important. Your skin during the winter period has different needs compared to during the summer. In this blog post, I’ll bring you up to speed on the newest products that can save your dry skin during the winter period, so you can get your winter skincare routine sorted. For examples of one brand skincare routines head over to New 3 step natural skincare routine with Flow Cosmetics or The Inkey list skincare routine for dull skin post. Let’s get straight to this because I want to share a lot of products with you!

1. Hema Skincare

Hema just released two new products in their skincare line. The first is the Multip Purpose Cream which you could compare to the Weleda Skinfood original. This cream, like the name, suggests you can use anywhere on dry patches on your skin. It’s also good if your knees/elbows get very dry during the winter or you could also use it as a lip balm before you go to sleep.

Another product Hema recently launched is part of their new aqua skincare range. The main ingredients of this serum are aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. If you want to learn more about different the best hyaluronic serums on a budget, don’t forget to check out this post. The new Aqua range consists of a day cream, night cream, mask, and serum. And the best thing is they are all super affordable for the quality you get, so I’d highly recommend checking out these products. Both products are below the 10 euro mark, which is super affordable for these kinds of products.

2. Provida skin care routine for winter

Provida is a new skincare brand I just discovered. It’s a 30-year-old family business that focuses on natural beauty products. The ingredients they use in their products are mainly sourced from organic farms or from their own Provida Bio Demeter farm. The best thing is most of the products are developed in their own laboratory. Awesome right?!

Provida products don’t contain anything nasty – such as silicone, parabens, animal products, preservatives – and they are also cruelty-free! Besides that 95% of the ingredients in their products are from organic farms. So if you have very sensitive skin this brand got you covered! Their sensitive care line consists of a milky cleanser, toner – which is super handy in a spray bottle -, serum, day cream, and night cream. All products are around the 20 euro mark, which makes them not super affordable nor crazy expensive.

3. Tomorrowlabs

Tomorrowlabs is a skincare brand that is on the higher end of the price scale. They are a science-based brand, which means that their products are backed up with a lot of scientific evidence. Their new HSF technology is based on a discovery that won the Nobel prize! They have a lot of different products and product lines, so I want to talk to you about three different products.

One of them is the Scar Corrective serum, which I also mentioned in the October THE Month for breast cancer awareness blog post. This Scar Corrective serum is not only useful if you have fresh scars – from for example surgery or acne -, but they claim it also works on old scars. To support the healing process, reduces itching and pain, and helps to make the scars less hard and noticeable.

The second product is their Foam cleanser with the famous HSF technology, which helps to hydrate the skin and reduce the signs of aging. It cleanses the skin thoroughly without the stripping effect. Since this is a foam cleanser I know that some of you might be worried that it makes the skin feel too dry. They claim that the HSF technology protects the skin from feeling dry and tight after cleansing your face. I myself have dry skin and I don’t really notice a drying or tight feeling after using it.

I feel like all skin care products contain vitamin C as one of the main ingredients or have a separate vitamin C product in their skincare line. The Vitamin C Essence from Tomorrowlabs is made for people with sensitive skin. This implies that it is a more gentle vitamin c essence. Vitamin C basically helps with the skin-renewing process, which results in more even-looking skin, healthy glowing skin, more youthful-looking skin. Since this Vitamin C essence is made for sensitive skin, it doesn’t affect the sensitive skin barrier, leave a burning sensation on the skin, or cause irritation.

The products from tomorrowlabs are more on the pricier side, with the scar corrective serum being the cheapest at just under 30 euros. While the vitamin c essence is just under 65 euros and the foaming cleanser is just under 50 euros.

4. Essence Skincare

If you are looking for affordable yet effective and basic – basic has a very positive meaning here – skincare, you might want to look at the Essence Skincare. They’ve developed a variety of products over the years and even a completely ‘Clean Beauty’ line called ‘Hello, Good Stuff!”. These products contain at least 90% natural ingredients, are vegan (!), without micro-plastic, parabens, and PEGs free.

The first product I want to talk about is the Cica face cream. This is a beautiful basic face cream, which can be used for almost every skin type. It contains Centella Asiatica extract, which is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It helps with reducing redness and making the skin feel more smooth and hydrated.

The other product is the Hello Good Stuff sleeping mask. Let me tell you I absolutely love sleeping masks. They are super useful, you just put it on your face, go to sleep and wake up in the morning with fresh, plump, and hydrated-looking skin. Love it! This one is a gel-based moisturizer with relaxing lavender oil, so it also helps you to fall asleep too.

As I already mentioned Essence Skincare – basically Essence in general – is a very affordable brand. With both products under the 4 euro mark. That’s amazing right?!

5. Alpha-H

Going from one end of the price spectrum to another one. I’ve talked about Alpha-H before on my blog, where I introduced the Alpha H vitamin B review + 2 Cult products. This time I want to talk about another serum they have: the Vitamin E serum with Macadamia. Whereas the Vitamin B serum I talked about in my previous blog post is hydrating, protective, and reviving, the vitamin E serum is more calming and healing. It’s also called a First-Aid serum, to help heal (acne)scars more quickly as well as calm down the skin. You can also layer this serum on top of a vitamin A or C serum to get quicker results.

The other product I want to introduce you to is the Balancing and Pore Refining Mask. This is a perfect mask if you have combination, oily or acne-prone skin. It is a step up from the usual clay mask because this one is very powerful yet very gentle for the skin. It cleanses the pores, while it doesn’t strip the skin. I find that clay masks usually strip my skin and make it feel even drier. This one doesn’t do that! Another benefit is that this mask is free of parabens, mineral oils, silicone, SLS, and animal ingredients (vegan friendly).

Like I already mentioned these products aren’t cheap, but they are very nice and luxurious. The vitamin E serum is just over the 35 euro mark for the 15ml travel size and just under the 45 euro mark for the full size – 25 ml. Which actually makes buying the bigger size a cheaper price per ml if you ask me. The mask is just over the 35 euro mark too.

6. The Best of Balance – Skin for Skin

Talking about masks, I want to introduce you to a couple of new masks that will help save your skin from the dry winter! First up a new brand of sheet masks I discovered: Skin for Skin. I absolutely love a sheet mask. You can just slap it on – paint your nails or take a bath – and after 10 minutes throw the sheet mask in the bin. Never forget by the way to keep the packaging. There’s always serum residue in the sachet left, so I always pat this residue of serum onto my face or decollate after I’m down with the mask!

Although most sheet masks are not the most sustainable option when it comes to choosing your face mask – individually packaged and a one-use-only – Skin for Skin has a solution for that. These masks contain extra serum so you can use them up to two times?! On their own website, you can order an extra serum bottle. When you open the packaging for the first time you can pour the extra serum into the bottle and use it for a second time.

These two sheet masks from Skin for Skin basically say what they do. Lift me up is for an instant ‘face lifting’ effect for a fuming, plumping, and lifting face. Whereas the Get me Glowing is more for a smoothing, comforting, and hydrating effect.

Both the masks retail for around 7,50 euros without the extra serum bottle and just under 10 euros if you want the extra serum bottle.

7. Evolve True Balance SOS Mask

A more sustainable option is to buy a facemask in a jar, which you can use multiple times. Evolve is a very sustainable skincare brand, based in the UK and only sells natural beauty products. This True Balance SOS face mask contains 100% natural ingredients and 47% organic ingredients. besides that, it is completely vegan. The main ingredient is Quora Noni, which disarms bacteria that can aggrevagtes your skin. Another ingredient is White Willow, which is actually a natural form of salicylic acid. This exfoliates the skin, prevents clogged pores and breakouts. So I need to warn you – You’ll look a bit like Shrek or the hulk when you apply this facemask – but if you have sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin this is perfect.

The Evolve skincare products are reasonably priced and somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. This face mask retails for 20 pounds – 60ml – and the travel size retails for 12 pounds – 30 ml -.

8. Pixi Nourishing Face Mask

Another nourishing face mask is the one from Pixi beauty. They recently launched these almost ice tubs – honestly, they look like Ben & Jerry’s tubs right?! – looking face masks. They also come with a little scoop to scoop out the mask. This is the Rose Remedy Mask, which I included because this is a very nourishing mask. It contains all the good ingredients like a blend of rose, argan oil, Cica, and Tumeric. All these ingredients refresh, nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s also paraben-free and not tested on animals! Unlike the Hello, Good Stuff! sleep mask – which is also gel-based – you do have to rinse this mask after 10 minutes.

As you know I absolutely love the Pixi products, so I would also highly recommend checking out this mask. It retails for just over 15 pounds.

9. Biodermal P-CL-E Body Range

We’ve talked a lot about skincare, but your skin is such a small part of your body. So iI also wanted to mention two different body care ranges that will save your skin this winter. The first is the new P-CL-E line from Biodermal. They’ve had the P-CL-E face cream in their collection for ages, but they’ve now extended this line with the body and foot care products. There are three different body lotion products: calming body lotion – for dry and very sensitive skin -, nourishing body lotion – for very dry skin – and a healing body lotion – to reduce itchiness -. And of course, feet are always forgotten when it comes to body care. At least that’s always the case with me, anyone else has this problem? They’ve also launched a feed and hand cream for dry skin. So basically bade yourself in one of these body lotions during the upcoming winter and you’re good to go!

These new body lotions are between the 25 and 30 euro mark. And the hand-feet creme retails for just under the 10 euro mark.

10. De Tuinen New Sustainable Body Care

Last but certainly not least a new line from Holland & Barrett. These body products from De Tuinen are now in completely recyclable packaging, which is amazing. These products weren’t actually new products. They recently changed the packaging to completely recyclable and relaunched the line. This line consists of a Camomile hand cream, tea tree scrub, dead see bad and shower gel, and aloe vera body milk. Holland & Barrett products are very reasonably priced, so these products are all under the 10 euro mark.

I hope this guide through a bunch of the new skin and body care products will help you get your skin care routine for winter. Let me know in the comments below which products you discovered!

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