How to start 2017 organised

2017 is already 7 days on its way. Lots of New Years Resolutions lists have goals about planning, personal administration or being more organized. This is easier said than done. You can’t change your habits in one day, but you can make little changes on the go. You could start using organization tools, to help change your organization habits. Here are my 3 favorite tools to change your habits.

1. Notebook
Use a notebook to write down lists, ideas, etc. This sounds quite obvious, but it is actually not that obvious. When you try to remember everything you need to do or ideas you have, you’ll waste a lot of energy. “Out of sight, out of mind” is a famous phrase when it comes to tiding up. This also applies for writing tasks, ideas etc. down. If you write down the thing you need to do, you don’t have to remember them constantly. This saves you lots of energy to do fun things. So buy a nice notebook and start writing!
notebook: 0,99 euro (set of 2) available at Action 

2. Planner
Having a planner is my key to be organized. This is actually an overview of all your to do lists, which makes it easier to plan events in advance and to spend your time more efficiently. By planning your day in advance and actually writing it down, you are more likely to accomplish your daily plans. You can also use your planner to have a creative outlet or include planning as part of your morning/night routine.
planner: 32 dollar (basic 7 X 9 planner) available at Plum Paper Planner
washi tape: 3.99 euro (set of 3) available at Ikea
ballpen: 2,99 euro available at Bruna

3. Binders
These are very useful when organizing lots of papers: recites, tax returns and all kind of papers getting lost everywhere. You could buy a couple of binders and categorize them, each for a category of personal administration. Or you could buy one binder and put tabs inside it. This organization tool will help you to keep your personal administration organized and in one place. I find if I organize my personal admin in a nice binder, I will much more enjoy doing it!
binder: 1,50 available at Action 

Let me know what your favorite organization tools are in the commends below.

xoxo Annaleid

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  1. HI Anna, I wish I found this post at the beginning of the year lol, but it is never too late to get yourself better organized! Thanks for the post!

    1. Thank you so much! Well like you say never to late to get started!
      Good luck and let me know how its going!
      xoxo Annaleid

  2. I’m obsessed with organization so this post was right up my alley! Thanks for sharing your organization journey with us!

  3. Well call me nerd, yes i use my laptop. If i try to use my mobile (still run my iPhone7) i get lost with typing to much on the small screen

  4. I do love a good notepad and/or planner, super handy to note down important dates, budget plans and to-do lists !

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