How to stop procrastinating


You all might remember a situation where you just didn’t want to do a certain task. When this happens you usually start procrastinating this certain task. Well, since we all know this situation I thought I might share some tips that I use when I’m procrastinating. These days for me this certain task is my thesis. I submitted it about 2 weeks before the Christmas holidays started. I got my thesis back with a lot of feedback and comments about what I need to change. Although I didn’t expect it to be approved after my first attempt, I did had some hopes for it. Now the real work starts… starting to improve my thesis so it will be approved the next time I submit it. And this is also where my procrastination starts…



So my first tip, that I use when I’m procrastinating, is to have a routine before you start doing the task. This might sound silly, but it’s actually a way for your body to know that it needs to do a certain thing. For example before I start working on my thesis after I had breakfast I always do certain things. After I had breakfast I take a cup of coffee, check my email (both blog and personal) and start working on my thesis. This way my body knows that it needs to do uni work and after a few practices it really does work.



What I also like to do is plan at what time I’m going to do which task. This way I can alternate a task I don’t want to do (my thesis) with something I really like to do (shooting instagram pictures). I find that when I alternate tasks I stay motivated, because I know that after an hour of writing my thesis I get to do something fun.



This is also what my last tip or actually trick is about. Try to get yourself motivated with anything (if necessary). I try to say to myself things like: The quicker you start with it, the quicker it’s finished. Or I like to set myself deadlines for example in two days I need to finish this, because a friend is going to read through my thesis. This way I need to have it finished in two days (for example). Also a nice cup of coffee or a delicious salad for lunch is also quite motivating.


I hope these tips to stop procrastinating will help you as much as they help me. And let me know in the comments below what your anti-procrastinating tips are!


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  1. Procrastination has been a bad habit of mine since chikdhood🎊. What helps motivate me is watching a YouTube video or two, my favorite form of entertainment during the day, and listen to some music. Sitting down and planning out tasks is helpful too.

  2. I have always been a horrible procrastinator and leave way too many things to the last minute. I really like the idea of establishing a routine and following up something tedious with something fun. Loved the post! x

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