Let’s have a catch up!

catch up, chat, life update

Like I already said in last Sunday’s post, I haven’t blogged, made youtube videos or been on social media for the last couple of weeks. I wanted to give you a little life update and catch up in today’s post!   Quitting gymnastics Due to a fall on my back and head halfway through January […]

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One year of blogging + life update

balancing life, life struggles, adult life

I really can’t believe that my blog is already one year old this month. When I think back to writing my first ever blogpost it doesn’t really feel that long ago.  A lot has happend during this first year of blogging, which also makes me think about what I’ve accomplished in just one year. I […]

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Q&A time!

During the last week I sent some messages on my twitter and Facebook page to ask me questions for an upcoming Q&A. This is the first time I’m doing one, so there is no particular theme. I kept it open so I could see what you wanted to ask me! #1 Why did you started […]

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