Back to school hacks and essentials

back to school, essentials, hacks, tips

The summer holidays are almost over, which means it’s time to go back to school or university (or college if you live in the US). I’m going into my last year of my master degree, so I thought why not share some tips, hacks and essentials that I’ve learned along the way.   Back to […]

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Rock climbing in Orpierre

rock climbing, outdoor, orpierre, climbing, mountain

  Ever since I was a little girl my parents always took me and my sisters on camping holidays. My dad used to go on rock climbing holidays way before we came around, so before we knew we were rock climbing. We had so much fun going on camping holidays and climbing mountains. Well mountains… […]

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The Truth About Uni | Relationships

This week is already the forth topic in The Truth About Uni collaboration, which seem a good time to talk about relationships. To be honest I was really struggling this week to talk about this topic, because I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to approach this. During your time at uni you can feel […]

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The Truth About Uni | Finances

Going to Uni is expensive no matter where you study. Though it might be different studying in the UK or in The Netherlands. For all universities in Holland there is a certain amount of college fee you need to pay to the government every year. Besides that you can get a student loan for a […]

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The Truth About Uni | Accommodation

This week we are talking about our accommodation experience when going to uni. We will either talk about our experience of living at home while going to uni or moving away from home. I’m going to talk about moving away from home, since I moved to The Hague for my bachelor degree and moved to […]

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Exiting collab starting next Sunday!

My first collab is going to happen. I’m so exited for this to happen! For the upcoming weeks I’m collaborating with 7 other fantastic bloggers to talk about uni. Every other week we will discuss a different uni related topic. We will share our opinions, solutions, tips, experiences and more. This will be your guide […]

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