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A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were in Belfast, which I already wrote a blogpost about! What we also did during that week was took a coach up to Dublin and visit the city for a day. Taking a coach towards Dublin was very easy and it took about two hours to get there. It’s also very cheap in my opinion, because we paid 20 euros or 16 pounds for a return ticket (Belfast city centre – Dublin city centre and back). The company we used is called Dublin Coach, which made the trip very pleasant! 

I can imagine that you’re thinking what should I visit when I have only a day in Dublin. Don’t worry we thought the same! The first thing in mind we wanted to do was visit the Guinness Brewery, which we didn’t end up doing. The reason for that was we heard that it was quite busy and very touristy. We were also torn between going to the Guinness Bewery or going to the Jameson Distillery. So when we got recommended the Distillery a couple of time we decided to book tickets there. Nevertheless, we did go past the brewery and took some pictures. To me it looked very “Charlie and the chocolate factory” like! If we had more than a day I would definitely have gone for both! 

#1 Jamesson Distillery

I really loved going to the Jamesson Distillery! In my opinion it was less touristy and the tour itself was really nice too. You first get explanation about the whiskey history and the history about the Jamesson Distillery. After that you get to learn about the process to make whiskey and last but not least you go into a tasting room. Before going into the distillery I had no clue about the different whiskey flavours. Though, after the tasting you can really tell the difference between single distilled, double distilled and triple distilled whiskey! 

#2 Hop on Hop off bus

This may sound a bit cliche, but when you’re in a city for just a day the best way to see a lot of the city is a hop on hop off bus. There are three different once in Dublin and I would recommend either the green or red busses, because they are more frequent in their schedule. Sometimes the busses have live commentary, which is very nice and quite funny as well. We ended up in a bus with German live commentary, which was quite entertaining and a lot nicer compared to a recorded voiceover!

#3 just wonder around

We hopped of the hop on hop off bus quite a bit and we also walked through Dublin ourselves a lot, because I think this is a nice way to get a feeling of the city. I would recommend going to the Garden of Remembrance. 

I would also recommend to just look at the awesome architecture Dublin has to offer. There are so many beautiful alleys and churches, which are already beautiful from the outside. 

In the evening I would recommend going to the Temple bar area. There is an actual Temple Bar, but it’s always very crowded and busy. But there are so many other bars and places with live music around the Temple bar and inside the Temple Bar area! We ended up in Norseman, which is a pub near the Temple Bar. The food in there was amazing as well as the drinks and live music! When we were there a man was playing his guitar and he was unbelievable good! 

Besides these things there are of course so many other things to do in Dublin, but this is what we ended up doing in one day! If you have any other recommendation please leave them in the comments below, because I would like to visit Dublin another time!  

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  1. Ireland is definitely a place that I want to visit, especially after visiting London in May. There is so much rich history in Ireland and I would love to really spend some time there immersing myself in Irish culture and history.

    Thanks for sharing! x


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