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Although the summer weather is not really there yet, I thought it might be time for a summer pick me up. Here’s the Top 5 Weleda beauty products for the summer 2021 edition. For the last couple of years, I wrote about the summer and winter favourites of Weleda. And this year is no different from the previous years. Every year Weleda launches a limited edition body wash according to the season. Hence I have included this year’s special limited edition Weleda body wash.

Beauty products for summer

This year’s theme for the 5 Weleda summer favourites is glowing skin. After a year of dull moments and spending time at home, it’s time for a summer glow-up. The five products within this post are going to help you with that. Weleda products are not only good for the skin, but they are also amazing for the mind. A lot of the products, like the body washes, are infused with amazing scents, which activate your senses.

All natural products

Weleda is known for its 100% natural ingredients when it comes to its products. Their most famous product is the Weleda Skin Food, which was actually in last year’s Weleda skincare favourites for winter. The organic skin care products of this brand are made for all different skin types. Every product, or better said every ingredient, is beneficial for different types of skin. For example, the skin food original and skin food light are perfect for every skin type. Whereas the almond skincare line is made for more sensitive skin or acne-prone skin. The skin food body is made for dry sensitive skin. And the pomegranate line has a rich cream to combat fine lines. So you can see there’s something for everyone.

Weleda body scrub

I’ve used this Weleda body scrub for a long time now because it just does the job so well. As you can see in the picture this one has new packaging. I’ve shown the birch body scrub in the old packaging already, so I thought let’s switch it up! The scrub particles are not harsh on your skin at all, which makes them great for sensitive skin. And the scrub particles don’t contain any microplastic, so not only good for your skin but also for the environment.

The scent of birch, which is the main ingredient of this body scrub, is also amazing. It takes my mind right to a beautiful camping holiday! The birch also has some amazing benefits. Not only does it help to make your skin glow again, but it also supposed to help with cellulite. They also have a birch body oil! All their body oils are amazing for dry skin, but this one in combination with the birch body scrub supposed to help with cellulite.

Weleda almond body lotion

As I already mentioned in the intro of this post the Weleda almond skin care line is amazing for combination skin or sensitive skin. In the winter edit, there was the skin food body butter, while in the summer edit they’ve included the almond body lotion. Although this one is very moisturizing, it’s also very light on the skin. Hence it’s perfect for a hot summer if you want to moisturize your skin after a shower or bath. You can even use this body lotion as an after-sun, to make sure your skin is nicely moisturized after a day of sunscreen.

Sheer hydration skincare products

There are two sheer hydration products within this summer beauty products edit. First up is the 24h hydrating facial cream. This is an amazing moisturizer for the summer because it’s a very light face cream. If you find this way still too thick, there’s also a light version of this face cream. The sheer hydration range is all about getting glowing, moisturized skin. The prickly pear cactus extract acts kind of as hyaluronic acid does. It keeps your skin moisturized during the day because it locks in moisture. A little sidenote this face cream doesn’t contain SPF, so if you don’t want to get sun damage on your face you need to wear a separate face SPF on top of it.

The second product, which is also among the new beauty products of Weleda, is the sheer hydration face mist. This one is very versatile because you can use it to keep your skin moisturized during the day, as a makeup setting spray, or just as a refresher. In combination with aloe vera and nourishing plant oils, the prickly pear makes this the perfect hydrating setting spray during summer.

Weleda aroma showers

And last but certainly not least the limited edition Weleda Body Wash. This year it’s in the Energy scent, which means that this will give you a boost of energy during your morning shower. As always the Weleda body washes are not only good for your skin but also for the mind. The scents of citronella and ginger give you an aromatherapy experience while taking a shower in your own home. Also worth mentioning is that all the Weleda shower gels are biodegradable!

So these are all the 5 summer beauty products I wanted to talk about. I am aware that these are all skin and body care products. So a few other handbag summer essentials are setting powder, dry shampoo, face oil, skin tint, and SPF. I hope you loved reading about these Weleda summer favourites and let me know in the comments below which are your favourite summer beauty products!

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    May 27, 2021 / 10:40 pm

    Weleda. Altijd fijn al heel wat jaren. Xxx☀️😘

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