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In the nearby future I’m going to attend a wedding abroad. It’s actually the first wedding I’m going to attend without my family, which makes it very special and exciting. I think that there are some preparations needed, when you are going to use the airplane to travel towards the wedding. Also I would like to share my tips and tricks with you while traveling by plane.


Preparations before traveling

I know that I need to practice doing my hair with an curling iron or straightener. Since in my opinion I still need to perfect this I’m going to book a blow-dry the morning before the wedding. So that’s what I did! I made sure that for convenience reasons I could book my blow-dry online instead of calling the hairdresser.

During the wedding I’m wearing shoes with open toes, so I wanted to book a mani/pedi. This preparation you could book in the country of destination or you could also do this before you take the plane. I chose to book this the day before the wedding in the country of destination. Mainly because it was just convenient and it was also cheeper.

A few days before I’m going to fly I went to the Benefit Browbar to wax my brows. I’ve written a blogpost about my Benefit Browbar experience and I still go there to do my brows.  I think they are priced really well and the ladies that do your brows are nice and knowledgeable!


While you travel

I think it’s a good idea to put the clothes and shoes that you are going to wear during the wedding in your carry-on luggage. Just in case it’s that one day where you suitcases don’t arrive in the county of destination when you do. My worst nightmare would be not having the carefully picked out wedding outfit with you during the day. So that’s why I’m going to bring it in my carry-on luggage.

Also a general tip would be to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will keep your clothes in a better conditions, so less ironing to do when you arrive in your hotel. I’ve also heard that rolling you clothes would save you space in your suitcase!


Absolute essentials you don’t want to forget

  • Paspoort: of course!
  • Boarding pass: another of course!
  • The makeup you’re going to wear at the wedding: Because who wants to wear makeup you’ve never worn to a wedding?!
  • The wedding outfit: Don’t forget the accessories like shoes and bags
  • Your skincare: You don’t want to end up with bad skin during the wedding, because you don’t have your own skincare with you.


Have you ever attend a wedding abroad? What are your tips and tricks while traveling by airplane? And what are your wedding essentials? Let me know in the comments below!


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