Trying out liquid meals with Jake Food

Today I’m collaborating with Jake Food, which is a brand that provides liquid meals for on the go. For the last month I’ve tried out these liquid meals and I would love to let you know what I think of them. But before that let me tell you a little bit more about the company Jake Food and the liquid meals that they provide.

Jake Food is a company that makes healthy, easy and sustainable meals. Besides that Jake is completely vegan, which is important for me as a lactose intolerant person. The meals contain every nutrient that your body needs. About 33% of all healthy nutrients, minerals, vitamins and fibers are provided in Jake Original and Jake Light. For Jake Sports the amount of all nutrients is 25%. The other great thing about Jake is that all these healthy nutrients are made of real food and blended into a nice powder. Real vegan food, blended into powder that you can mix with water for a quick and easy meal. Don’t get confused and think that is a product to replace meals with, because a meal replacement is defined as a product to lose weight. These meals contain roughly 500 – 700 Kcal, which doesn’t make it a weight-losing product.

You can take Jake whenever you want and especially need it. This could be only in the morning, because you don’t have time to eat breakfast. Or it could be three times a day, because you are always on the go. Jake is there to help you save time and prepare a healthy meal whenever it fits your schedule.

There are three different kinds of Jake meals: Original, Light and Sports. The main difference is that Jake Light contains less sugar and would add up to 1500 Kcal when you eat 3 meals a day. Jake Original has healthy filling fibers and would add up to 2000 Kcal when you eat 3 of those a day. And Jake Sports would add up to 3000 Kcal per 4 meals, while containing 160 grams of protein per serving.


I’ve tried all tree kind of Jake meals over the last month and overall I’m really enthusiastic about Jake. Like they say on their website “The first try is a bit strange, the second one is pleasant”. The first time I tried Jake I prepared it according to the package, which is a hole serving with 400 ml of water. The consistency Jake becomes is a bit like pancake batter and personally for me this wasn’t very pleasant to drink. So the next time I used only half the serving with 400 ml of water, which makes it into a much more fluid drink. This was much more pleasant to drink and after I made this adjustment I was really enthusiastic. The moments I used it were more snack moment when I felt a little bit puckish. For these moments Jake is amazing, because with my lactose intolerance and tree nut allergy it is difficult to find healthy, easy, high Kcal and protein snacks. The other moment of the day I would use Jake is before and after my gymnastics practice. I really felt like Jake Sports helped me through practice and I recovered quicker afterwards. Overall I’m so exited that I found Jake and had to opportunity to try it!

If you like Jake and you would like to try it yourself, you can use my coupon code: REFQ1FEJITLDG. You can use this on your first order to get 20 euro discount (not on the sample kit). I have to say that by using this code I get 20 euro credit on my own Jake account, but this will cost you nothing extra!

Let me know in the comments below if you tried Jake too and what you think of it! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them!

Xoxo Annaleid

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    1. Ohh yes they are perfect for that! If you end up trying them I’d love to know what you think !!:)
      Xoxo Annaleid

  1. Wow, I definitely would follow your advice and thin it out–pancake batter to drink sounds pretty strange! I wasn’t sure what the products taste like. Are there different flavors?

    1. They have a vanille tast and I think when you thin it out it tastes good! I don’t think at the moment they have any other tasks!
      Xoxo Annaleid

    1. It’s really not that bad and when you get used to the tast it’s a really good source for all the nutrients 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

    1. Yeah they are amazing! If you end up trying them I’d love to know what you think of them!! 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

  2. This sounds like a really interesting product and great for people who don’t get much time to eat. I really like the packaging too!

    1. Yes definitely! I love them for that reason and to have a little bit as a quick snack 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

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