Twist your dish with quinoa from Nature Crops

Nature Crops, Quinoa, Overnight 'oats', Twist your dish
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Nature Crops has a campaign called “Twist your dish“. Their campaign is about twisting your regular dish with quinoa products and share it on social media with the #twistyourdish. Quinoa is naturally gluten free, high in protein, high in fibers and originally from South America. That’s where Nature Crops imports their quinoa from, which is of course checked in European laboratories before shipped to Europe. They make all sorts of product from this one ingredient ranging from bars, burgers and soups. And they also sell the original quinoa product in all colours and varieties.


Nature Crops, Quinoa, Overnight 'oats', Twist your dish


Overnight ‘oats’

I decided to twist my overnight ‘oats’ dish with the Nature Crops quinoa flakes. And as you can see on the pictures in this post it doesn’t only looks delicious, but it also taste delicious. This recipe is completely lactose and nut free, because I’m allergic to those products myself. If you want to know how I make this delicious breakfast keep on reading!


Nature Crops, Quinoa, Overnight 'oats', Twist your dish


How to make the overnight ‘oats’?

All you need is:

All you need to do is mix these ingredients together and put them in the fridge during the night. That’s why they are called overnight ‘oats’ or in this case overnight quinoa. This is the basic recipe, which is unsweetened. If you want to add a bit of sweetener you could add some maple sirup or honey. And top it off with some fruit of your choice, which already makes your breakfast a bit sweeter!


Nature Crops, twist your dish, quinoa


If you want to change up this dish you could use another type of non-dairy milk. For example coconut milk, soy milk or rice milk. Of course if you’re not allergic to nuts you could use almond milk! And another way to change up this dish is to use other types of fruit to top off your breakfast.

This is also a great on the go breakfast, because you could make it the night before or make a whole batch all at once. Top it off with some fruit in the morning and off you go with a delicious breakfast!


Have you tried any of the Nature Crops quinoa products? Let me know in the comments below what your favourite product is or how you like to twist your dish! And if you share it on social media don’t forget to use the #twistyourdish !


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