The vitamin c and collagen hype | Does it really work?!

The vitamin c and collagen hype | Does it really work?!

Vitamin c and collagen have been quite hyped up in the beauty business for the last couple of years. Both as separate products, but now also as a two in one product. Last year I already briefly touched upon the collagen subject, when I wrote my blog post about the Vedex Facetrex products. Since I’m becoming 30 this year – yes it’s really happening… I know?! – I thought it might be a good idea to look into these kinds of products. What they can do for me and how they can benefit your skin. For example how long does it take for collagen supplements to work? Do they actually work? All kinds of questions pop into my head when I think about collagen products.

I also found out that you – my readers and followers – are actually quite interested in collagen products. In a recent poll on my Instagram, I asked you if you wanted to see a blog post about collagen. And I was actually surprised about the amount of you saying who’d be really interested. I honestly love this kind of interaction with you, so let me know in the comments below what you’d like me to write about next. While researching I saw the number of collagen products on the market nowadays and I can see why you’d like a blog post about it. So here were go!

Vitamin C and Collagen – The insights

I’ll go into a more theoretical – more detailed – background knowledge of Collagen and its use. If you’re just interested in the review feel free to skip ahead – I don’t mind ;)! However, if you’re kind of into this kind of nerdy details and background knowledge – like me – sit back and enjoy!

Collagen is a form of protein that is according to Healthline the most abundant form of protein in your own body. The two main functions that collagen has been providing your skin with structure and strength in your bones. Therefore, collagen is a key component in most connective tissues such as ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. There are certain types of animal-based products/types of food, e.g. gelatin, that contain collagen. Add bone broth or pork skin into your diet and you are served with a natural portion of collagen.

However, nowadays eating meat or animal-based products is not preferable in every diet. I’ll come back to plant-based collagen in a minute, but let me first explain a bit more in-depth what’s needed to absorb the collagen. It’s not a coincidence that vitamin c and collagen are combined in more and more collagen supplements, like for example the Holland and Barrett collagen products. Your body needs vitamin C for collagen synthesis, so when you consume collagen make sure to add food rich in vitamin C – e.g. broccoli, citrus fruits, paprika – to your diet too.

Why would you add collagen supplements to your beauty routine? As you age your body produces less collagen, which results – amongst other things – in a decrease in elasticity in your skin, an increase in degenerative joint disorders, a decrease in bone density, and a decrease in muscle mass. Since collagen is the most important component of your skin, adding collagen supplements to your daily routine might delay or slow down signs of aging. Not scientifically proven but yet another benefit of collagen might be an increase in the strength of your nails and hair. So now that we know the background about collagen, let’s talk about a few collagen products currently on the market!

Different types of collagen

Holland and Barrett collagen

Holland and Barrett recently launched a variety of new collagen products. Ranging from powders to liquid to flavored and tasteless. The new Holland and Barrett collagen range basically got you covered. Starting with the basic Holland & Barrett Collageen Poeder, ranging from 150g for 18,99 euros to 450g for 42,99 euros. This collagen powder is neutral in taste, which means it’s neutral enough to mix it through a smoothie, coffee, cake, or something else. It doesn’t mean that it’s tasteless though! I have to note that the collagen used in the Holland and Barrett collagen products is not vegan. If you’re looking for a vegan alternative keep on reading!

If you can’t stand the taste there are some flavored options, like for example the Holland and Barrett Collageen Poeder + Vitamine C + biotine orange flavored. This one is easier to take just on its own mixed in a glass of water. Just not very useful if you want to mix through a smoothie. It does have the added benefit of vitamin C and biotine and ranges from 159g for 22,99 euros to 318g for 36,99 euros.

If you want to go all-in there is the Holland & Barrett Collageen Premium Complex Powder. The name says it all, besides the added vitamin C and biotin there’s also added hyaluronic acid, zinc, and Coenzyme Q10 added to the formula. This one retails for 27,99 euros (162g). The liquid version of the premium complex – yes you can also get them in preportioned flacons – is really easy if you’re on the go. However, it’s less environmentally friendly compared to the other products, due to the individually packaged flacons. I also find this one to be very sweet, but if you don’t mind that and you’re often on the go this might be something for you.

Oslo Skinlab Collagen

A new product on the market is Oslo Skinlab collagen. You can purchase this product on its own or as a membership with a discount. Oslo Skinlab collagen is also an animal-based collagen product, packaged in individual sachets. Each package contains 28 sachets – which serve you for 28 days -. This is where the membership comes in; you can sign up for the membership and have your collagen delivered to your house every 4 weeks.

The Oslo Skinlab collagen is natural in taste, which I find – similar to the Holland & Barret one – fine to drink mixed with some water. I’ve also added it to smoothies in which case you don’t taste the product at all. Their collagen is gluten-free, has no additives, no synthetic ingredients, no fat, 100% natural ingredients, and no carbs. It retails for 22,80 euros per 28 sachets if you purchase it with the membership. And 59,90 euros without the membership.

Kiano life Collagen

I kept you waiting for a vegan collagen alternative, but here it is. Kiano is a Swedish brand that offers cleans and plant-based supplements and meal replacements. Their Collagen Kiss blend is one of the only vegan collagen options I found. This product works in a different way compared to the other two products I mentioned above. This product contains the ingredients to help protect your natural collagen, pull moisture into the skin and strengthen your hair, nails, and bones.

It’s a blend of tremella mushroom, raspberry, lucuma, baobab, strawberry, beetroot, and pea & rice protein. Which ultimately is a very strong mixture of protein, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. In my opinion, a good alternative to the animal-based collagen products mentioned above. Since this blend includes berries it has quite a strong berry flavor, which in my opinion works best in a berry smoothie. This product retails for 16,90 euros for 160g. Kiano also offers a membership where you can choose to have your supplements delivered every 30 days with a 15% discount.

Does collagen really work?

Since I started using collagen products I’ve noticed that my nails grow faster and my hair is stronger. I also find that m skin looks plumper. As I already have dry skin I feel like my skin is less dry and has more of a glow. I also feel like the texture on my skin is less visible and my skin looks more hydrated. So for me, it’s a product that I’d like to keep part of my beauty routine. Although I feel like everyone has different opinions and might use collagen for different reasons. It might be best that you try it out yourself and see what you think. I’d love to know your experience with collagen in the comments below!

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

According to Healthline, it will take at least 8 weeks to see the results of the collagen supplements in skin health. And at least 12 months to see results in bone and joint health. Collagen turnover is a slow process, hence why you need to try it out for a longer period of time before you see any visual results.

I hope you loved reading about my experience with vitamin c and collagen. I also hope the background information was interesting – if not, let me know 😉 -. And let me know if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned above. I love to hear about your experience!

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    June 3, 2023 / 6:10 pm

    Many thanks for sharing your information.
    I have just heard about the 4Flex and have just started the sachets.
    I am 73 years old and have very painful knees and joints.
    Hopefully this will help me a little and be more active.
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