Bio oil is the secret to solve dry skin problems!

Bio oil is the secret to solve dry skin problems!

You probably have heard about the brand Bio Oil and its very famous Oil. Well they brought out a new product: Dry Skin Gel*. I had the opportunity to try out this product and – spoiler alert – I absolutely love it. Of course with my dry skin this is no surprise, but don’t forget to read the rest of the review to find out the difference between the original Bio Oil and the new Dry Skin Gel!

The New Bio Oil vs. The Old Bio Oil

First of all for everyone that loved the scent of the original Bio-Oil*, the new Dry Skin Gel* has the exact same scent! This is actually the first thing that I love about the product. But more about why I love it later on in the review part of this blog post. First, let’s talk about the differences because there is definitely some difference mainly in the way you use the products.

While the traditional* Bio-Oil was mainly used to reduce the visibility of scars and stretch marks, the new Dry Skin Gel does what the name suggests. It helps to solve dry skin, due to the fact that this gel has an oil base instead of a water base (like most other cremes and body butter). The traditional Bio-Oil was already used for spot treatment against acne scars. Since the Dry Skin Gel also includes those key ingredients I also noticed these benefits when using it.

The texture

The texture of this new Skin Gel really is a gel as you can see on the picture. I find that it works best if you shake the jar very carefully before applying the gel. If you don’t do that I notice that the gel and the liquid kind of separates, so that’s what the shaking is for! You also need the TINIEST amount, but really the tiniest amount. It’s very rich and it makes you look very greasy after applying. Which of course I don’t mind in the evening.

My opinion

Well surprise surprise I LOVE this Dry Skin Gel. When my skin is really dry even oils disappear right after applying them on my skin. This new Dry Skin Oil from Bio Oil doesn’t do that! I’m obsessed with the scent, which I already was when I was using the traditional Bio Oil. I also find that when I use this scars that I have from the occasional spot really heal faster. I love using this treatment before I go to bed and I wake up the next morning with soft an rehydrated skin. I know it’s kind of cliche, but it’s just true.

Have you already used the new Dry Skin Gel? Or maybe the traditional Bio Oil? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rita Lawrimore
    February 8, 2024 / 4:52 am

    I had knee replacement surgery last year ( both knees ) an I put Bio-oil on to help scars an it really helped them to disappear . I was so pleased cause I didn’t want an ugly scar showing on my knees . I also use the oil on my face an it has help with crows feet around my eyes . I love the feel of it on my face & neck both feel so much softer an smoother . I use Bio-oil all over an I can feel a difference in how my skin feels. I have ordered some Bio-oil gel an can’t wait to try it !

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