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Last week my boyfriend and I went to Ikea on a ‘Ikea date’ and I thought it would be fun to tell you what we bought. I made some pictures in the showroom of the Ikea we went to, so you can see what I’m talking about. It’s kind of a different blogpost in the home wear category, though I hope you like this kind of blogposts too!





We didn’t bought a lot of furniture, because we didn’t need a lot of things. What we did need though was a little storage cabinet to use in the bathroom. So we found this little VESKEN plastic storage cabinet, which was a 10 euro bargain.

We were also in need of some more clothing storage space, so we bought a PAX clothing storage (with only shelves) and a VIKEDAL mirrored door. As you can probably tell this is not the one that is in the picture, because we couldn’t find it in the show room. Though, this explains a little bit what we bought.


Little bits and bobs



So like I said furniture wise we didn’t need a lot of things. Though we were in need of some ANTAGEN dishwashing brushes, which you have in various colors in Ikea. Not only are they available in different colors they are also very cheap! (Only 0.29 eurocents a piece!).











And last but not least we also needed some jars to store muesli, pasta, oats etc. in, so we bought a couple of the KORKEN storage jars. We also needed some little tiny jars to put herbs in, so we bought basically the same once in a very small size.

Though thats what you always think when you’re in Ikea. You buy what you need and than leave the shop. No… that’s not how it works in Ikea. You always end up with more than you planned to buy. This trip wasn’t an exception, so we also bought a juicer, cutting board, garment bag and lots of little snacks in the Ikea food shop.

And of course we also had to eat the delicious Ikea/Swedish meatballs, which were delicious! And at the end of the whole Ikea trip my boyfriend wanted to eat an Ikea ice cream, since he says they are the best ones. Do you agree with him?


I hope you liked this kind of different style post and reading about my home wear haul. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you recently made a trip to Ikea yourself?

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I can’t say I have ever tried Ikea ice cream. I like all their other food so that is one I should try. I totally get what you mean about Ikea and coming out with more than anticipated. Great read


Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I have to say my boyfriend really loves the ice cream, so let me know when you’ve tried it! I love to hear your opinion!
xoxo Annaleid

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