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which one would I choose? Mascaras

This time in the Which one would I choose? series I talk about three different mascaras. I think that mascaras are the most used makeup products among all makeup users. If someone is using makeup they are usually using mascara. To choose your favourite mascara is quite difficult these days, because there are so many on the market. So I thought I would share my three current favourite mascaras with you. I’ll tell you why I like them and when I tend to use them. And as you can see in the picture above they are all well loved!



Ever since the L’oreal Paradise Extatic mascara launched the internet, blogging and youtube community hyped over this mascara. To be honest the real reason why I bought this mascara in the first place is to see for myself if it was worth the hype. I also mentioned it in a exciting new discoveries during the end of last year, where I talked about my experience with this mascara. So I won’t go into too much detail, since I’ve already mentioned it in a previous post. I would use this mascara if i wanted thick, long, fluttery and semi-clumped lashes. This might sound complicated, but this is mascara gives you the perfect compromise between length and volume. It also makes your lashes just clumpy enough, while still staying fluttery.



The second mascara that’s also well loved is the Clarins Supra Volume mascara. This mascara has a longer bristles compared to the L’oreal mascara. I love this mascara, because it doesn’t smudge or move during the day. It also doesn’t transfer onto the rest of your face, which is definitely a plus for me. It even stays put during my gymnastics practices, which is the real mascara test for me. This mascara gives your lashes more length than volume I would say. They also look a bit more spidery and clumpy (in a good way) compared to the L’oreal one.


Max Factor

The Max Factor masterpiece mascara is a very very old favourite. I remember myself buying this mascara when I still was in high school and I rediscovered it in a recent makeup video I did. This is the only mascara of the three I mention today with more plastic/hard bristles. I love this mascara, because it doesn’t smudge and doesn’t make your lashes clumpy at all. If you just want length with a little bit of volume this mascara is the one for you. You can build of the volume with a couple more coats, but with one coat you create a very natural makeup look.


As I said in the beginning of this post I love all three of the mascaras I mentioned today. Though, I love them for all different occasions. If I have a more minimal makeup day I would definitely choose the Max Factor mascara over the other two. For a every day makeup look I would either put a couple of coats of the Max Factor mascara on or choose the L’oreal paradise extatic mascara. If I’m going on a night out, have a party or go out for dinner I would definitely choose the Clarins Supra Volume mascara!


I would love to know what your favourite mascara is and when you like to use that one! Have you ever tried the once I mentioned in this post?

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